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    The True Strength of Homeowners Today

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | September 26, 2022

    The real estate market is on just about everyone’s mind these days. That’s because the unsustainable market of the past two years is behind us, and the difference is being felt. The question now is, just how financially strong are homeowners throughout the country? Mortgage debt grew beyond 10 trillion dollars over the past year, and many called... Read More

    How Owning a Home Builds Your Net Worth

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | September 6, 2022

    How Owning a Home Builds Your Net Worth Owning a home is a major financial milestone and an achievement to take pride in. One major reason: the equity you build as a homeowner gives your net worth a big boost. And with high inflation right now, the link between owning your home and building your wealth is especially important. If... Read More

    What’s Actually Happening with Home Prices Today?

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | August 30, 2022

    What’s Actually Happening with Home Prices Today? One of the biggest questions people are asking right now is: what’s happening with home prices? There are headlines about ongoing price appreciation, but at the same time, some sellers are reducing the price of their homes. That can feel confusing and makes it more difficult to get a... Read More

    Shifting Market a Challenge or Opportunity?

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | August 10, 2022

    Is the Shifting Market a Challenge or an Opportunity for Homebuyers? If you tried to buy a home during the pandemic, you know the limited supply of homes for sale was a considerable challenge. It created intense bidding wars which drove home prices up as buyers competed with one another to be the winning offer. But what was once... Read More

    Should You Buy a Home with Inflation This High?

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | July 20, 2022

    Should You Buy a Home with Inflation This High? While the Federal Reserve is working hard to bring down inflation, the latest data shows the inflation rate is still going up. You no doubt are feeling the pinch on your wallet at the gas pump or the grocery store, but that news may also leave you wondering: should I still... Read More

    Your Guide to the Mortgage Pre-Approval Process

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | June 8, 2022

    Whether as a first-time buyer or as an investment property, purchasing a condominium is a great way to enter the housing market. Its flexibility, convenient amenities, low maintenance, and affordability are just some of the reasons why condos are a popular choice for homeowners today. When you’re ready to start shopping for a condo in... Read More

    8 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent 

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | February 24, 2022

    Whether you’re thinking about buying a new home or selling your old one, your real estate agent will be your trusted guide through this complex endeavor. This is precisely why finding a reliable partner is essential to the success of the process. Doing so requires careful research and due diligence. However, most people don’t know... Read More

    4 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Condo

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | January 20, 2022

    4 Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Condo  When should I buy a new condo? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking to purchase an investment property. Buying a new condo can be a big decision, but also an exciting endeavor. You have to think about your future... Read More

    Real Estate Professionals Are Experts at Keeping You Safe When You Sell

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | January 10, 2022

    Real Estate Professionals Are Experts at Keeping You Safe When You Sell If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to sell your house this year, there’s good news. For nearly two years, real estate professionals have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of buyers and sellers during the pandemic. Today, they’re seasoned experts, not just... Read More

    How to Make an Offer on a Condo

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | December 28, 2021

    What goes into a good offer for a condo? There are many aspects to consider when negotiating a good deal. From the location and the market, how long the property’s been up for sale, to the condo’s listing price, the negotiation process can be a daunting one. Some say negotiating is an art form, but... Read More