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Monthly Archives: March 2024

    Breaking Down the 20% Down Payment Myth

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | March 19, 2024

    For years, the 20% down payment has been touted as the golden standard in real estate transactions. This belief has deterred many potential homeowners, particularly first-time buyers, from even considering entering the market. It’s time to set the record straight and open the doors to the beautiful condos and homes in downtown San Diego for... Read More

    Adapting to Life’s New Chapters

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | March 13, 2024

    Navigating through life’s major milestones often brings about significant changes, particularly when it comes to where we call home. Initially, our residences might align perfectly with our needs, but as life unfolds, what once seemed ideal may no longer serve us as well. This realization often prompts the contemplation of a move, a decision influenced... Read More

    Downtown San Diego 2024: Innovation and Luxury Upgrades

    By Jennifer Roberts-Darcel | March 6, 2024

    Welcome to the heart of urban paradise! Downtown San Diego is undergoing a transformation, positioning itself as a beacon of luxury, innovation, and lifestyle within the vibrant Southern California landscape. As a premier destination for buying a home in San Diego, the downtown area is not just about the stunning waterfront and bustling business district;... Read More